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Color Options for Home Improvement in Memphis, TN

At Maclin Security Doors in Memphis, TN, we are proud to have our own in-house powder system to ensure you get quality finishes that last. Unlike industry standard powder coating, each door has three mils of zinc primer baked on before the actual polyester powder is applied. We then add another step and bake on a layer of polyester clear coating. Applying these additional materials make for a durable and weather resistant door that will last for years. We provide you with exactly what you need to secure your home all while enhancing its natural beauty. We also offer color matching!

Wood-like finishes

If you are looking for a classic wood look to your door, we have a variety of stains that will be a perfect fit. Our Hickory, Walnut, Mahogany Brown, Cherrywood, and Mahogany stains are excellent choices to get a classic look that is truly timeless. We can easily match your wood stain choice to the existing color scheme of your home. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the color of your new door.

Colors for every aesthetic

Looking to inject some color into the mix? If you want a more modern and sleek approach to your home decor, our selection of colors is probably the best option for you. Choose from our Bronze, Gray, Brown, Copper Vein, Green, Sandstone, Flat River Bronze, Black, or White.

For something different

We also have more unique stains if you are looking for something more nontraditional. Our Antique Gold color is an excellent choice for getting a vintage look while Silver Vein will give your door a textured look.

Design experts

At Maclin Security Doors, we are more than simply a home improvement retailer. Our team of designers and installers work with your every step of the way to ensure you are getting the perfect color to complement the rest of your home. For entry doors, there are two schools of thought. Some customers prefer to pick a color that is already embedded in some other element of the exterior of the home, whether it be the trim color or some other identifying characteristic. Other customers want to go bold and have an entry door that draws more attention to itself. Whichever style you wish to have, our experts are standing by to help. We aim to foster close working relationships with all our customers, so you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Colors for awnings and patio covers

The colors below represent our staining option for entry and security doors in addition to awnings, patio covers, and more! As home improvement professionals, we are proud to provide comprehensive service for all your needs. We know working on your home can be stressful and a headache. Maclin Security Doors makes the process simple, effective, and affordable.

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