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It may seem brazen, but a common entry point for home intruders is your front door. According to researcher Celeste Tholen, 34% of burglars enter homes through the front door. In this blog post, we’ll go over a few different ways to make your front door safer from crooks.

  1. Install motion-detection floodlights. These can shine a sudden, virtual spotlight on anyone approaching the front of your house, making them more inclined to leave without incident.
  2. Install dusk-to-dawn sensor lights. These lights turn on automatically when it gets dark outside, which can deter would-be crooks before they even get near your front door. They can be inside or outside your home.
  3. Install a security camera on your front door. Burglars hate being watched. These camera systems can respond to possible invaders with special sounds and lights, and provide you with a live camera feed you can see on your phone. Some of these systems have an intercom feature that lets you speak to anyone approaching your front door.
  4. Secure your front porch or entryway. A locked security gate can prevent a burglar from getting to your front door. Security gates can be opened using a key, a code, a fingerprint, or by a device like a garage remote.
  5. Prune those hedges. Overgrown bushes and shrubs can give a burglar somewhere to hide near your front door, or make them a bit less visible as they try to pick your front lock.
  6. If there’s a TV near your front door, consider leaving it on when you go out. You can also leave it on with the sound off when you go to bed.
  7. Don’t leave a key under the mat. Burglars know about this one, guys. And if you put one inside a fake rock it had better look like a rock. If you must leave a key for someone, it should be behind the house or somewhere else where prowlers are less likely to see it being picked up.
  8. Install customized security doors. Maclin security doors offer a variety of high-end safety features, including a heavy-gauge steel frame, heavy-duty adjustable pneumatic closer, vault pins on the hinge-side that interlock with the door frame, polished brass deadbolt lock, and 1/8-inch tempered safety glass. We also offer impact-resistant glass, which can withstand force from almost any attempted break-in, unlike regular or tempered safety glass.

Since 1986, Maclin Security Doors has been committed to providing residents of the Mid-South with high-quality home improvements that are as safe as they are beautiful. When you work with us, you’ll get access to the best security doors, replacement windows, screen enclosures, and more. Not only that, but you’ll support a brand that only offers products that are 100% American-made. MACLIN: Protect. Decorate. Insulate. Contact us today!