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Metal Carports & Garages: How They Compare

If you’re looking for enhanced vehicle protection and additional shelter on your property, you may be torn between metal carports and garages. To empower your decision, look to Maclin Security Doors. We’re here to explore the key reasons why carports are considered worthy alternatives to garages.

Bronze Double Carport Cover By Maclin Security Doors

Carport vs Garage – What’s the Difference?

To understand the comparison between an aluminum or steel carport and a conventional garage, it’s important to first understand how they are different. In short, a garage is a fully enclosed structure with four walls and a roof. In contrast, a carport is not fully enclosed, featuring only one to three walls and a roof.

Reasons to Opt for Aluminum or Metal Carports

Unlike garages, which are multipurpose, a metal or aluminum carport serves one primary purpose: shielding vehicles, RVs, or boats from inclement weather and damage. As they are not fully secured by four walls, they are not typically used as an alternative storage space.

Considering Your Budget

If you’re navigating stringent budget limitations, building a brand-new garage may be out of the question. However, you may be surprised to learn that a carport is actually a very affordable investment. Contrary to popular belief, a carport is a reliable alternative to standard garages, offering strength, durability, and long-lasting performance, among other key benefits.

Installation Permits

Garage construction projects call for rigorous permitting requirements. To alleviate this hassle without compromising on the protection of your vehicles, consider a carport. Carports allow you to expedite your additional shelter needs as they do not involve any specific permitting requirements, which streamlines the installation process.

Ample UV-Ray Protection

Although aluminum and metal carports do not mitigate unauthorized access to your vehicle, they do offer ample UV-ray protection. Harsh sunlight can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s paint job, deteriorate rubber vehicle components, and cause cracks. Fortunately, with the roof of a carport, these concerns are obsolete, maintaining the physical appeal of your vehicle with ease.

Avoid the Impact of Hail

When a hailstorm rolls in, vehicles left out in the open are vulnerable to much damage. From dents to cracks and compromised windows, hailstorms are notorious for resulting in insurance claims and costly repairs. The good news is a steel or aluminum carport can protect against these inclement weather events.

Shelter From the Snow

In the same way as hailstorms and intense sunlight, heavy snow can also cause problems. The mere weight of snow can be hazardous to your vehicle, but the real issue begins when snow thaws and refreezes in the crevices. When snow refreezes, it expands, forcing structural components to separate and become damaged.

Embrace Convenience

Just like a garage, a carport is convenient. This is especially true in inclement weather. An uncovered vehicle can quickly become covered in dirt, debris, and heavy snow, requiring frequent carwashes, ice scrapping, and manual labor to restore it to driving condition. A carport eliminates these concerns by keeping it protected from external elements.

Reduced Maintenance Demands

Garages call for routine maintenance. While this may not be too much of a hassle, it’s still an added chore. For reduced maintenance demands, opt for a steel carport and garages can be left behind. Metal carports require periodic protective coating applications. However, an aluminum carport virtually eliminates maintenance demands altogether.

Reach Out to Explore Aluminum & Steel Carports

Embrace reliability, convenience, and long-lasting performance with Maclin Security Doors. Our experts offer state-of-the-art aluminum and metal carports that open the door to a wealth of advantages for any homeowner. Contact our friendly team today to explore your options and begin your metal or aluminum carport design.