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If you’ve been considering adding a patio cover to your home, you may be wondering how long that process can take. The answer will vary based on what company you use, the details of your home and the features that you want. Here’s a general guideline of the process to help you estimate a rough time frame.

Contractor Negotiations and Construction Cost Estimates – 2 Weeks

When you work with a company to get the best patio for your needs, you’ll also be coordinating with the design team. They will find out what customizations work for your vision, whether you prefer regular or insulated patio covers, and can give you an estimate for how much the process will cost. 

These services are generally free, and a lot of information can be given during a preliminary call. You will also be informed of the rough timetable for the overall construction and how long you will wait for everything to be finished.

After the contractor meeting, you’ll probably want a little time to consider all your options and choose the patio cover that’s right for you and your budget. This may take a while if you and your spouse, or your business partners, don’t agree on everything. 

Land Surveying, Construction Outline, Payment Plans – 4 Weeks

After you choose your patio cover options, a contractor will come and survey your land, taking measurements, identifying obstructions, and follow up with details you may need. The contractor will then develop a design plan customized for your project and provide a timeline for construction.

Construction Itinerary, Schedule, and Estimated Shipment of Materials Needed – 2 to 4 Weeks

After your second meeting with the designers, the project manager will talk you over the detailed process to build your patio cover. The order will be placed for all the necessary materials, and other tasks may be discussed. Construction will start after all the materials are assembled. 

Actual Construction – 1 to 2 Weeks

The construction process usually takes the shortest amount of time. Most constructions can be finished in one or two weeks unless you experience adverse weather conditions.

Maclin Security Doors provides the Mid-South with patio covers and awnings that are both beautiful and functional. Our subtropical climate in southwestern Tennessee is one of the best things about living here. In fact, we average 218 sunny days a year! But sometimes the resulting heat is unbearable, rendering your patio useless. Although we can’t change the sun, we can certainly adapt. By installing a patio cover, you can beat the heat and ensure that your porch is a great place to relax in any season. Call us today.