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When the weather’s nice, all you want to do is spend time lounging, socializing, or grilling on your patio. But what if the weather turns nasty? You hate having to run inside when it rains or gets windy, and you can’t very well bring your patio furniture and grill with you. Even bright, sunny days can be detrimental. If you want your patio to be comfortable in all weather conditions, and you want your outdoor belongings to last, follow these tips to protect against the elements.

Protect Against Heavy Rain

In the short term, a downpour can prevent you from sitting on your patio. In the long term, it can saturate your outdoor furniture and cause discoloration, musty odors, and mold growth, even if you buy waterproof cushions.

The solution to these problems is to protect your patio with a custom-built patio cover. This investment allows you to continue enjoying the outdoors, no matter the weather. You can even host barbecues and parties on your patio while it’s raining! In addition, a patio cover keeps your furniture safe from rain and snow, helping your purchases last longer.

Protect Against High Winds

When the wind picks up, you may be inclined to head indoors. You can take small belongings with you, such as loose toys and tabletop plants, but what’s stopping the wind from knocking over your patio furniture or blowing your cushions away? On the same note, what’s preventing debris from blowing onto your patio and making a mess of your outdoor living space?

If you install a custom screen room, the answer is a durable, weather-resistant screen and wall panels. You can even build a screened-in porch with insulated, laminated wall panels to reduce outdoor exposure while allowing fresh air and natural light to enter. Having a partially protected space like this makes it possible to enjoy the outdoors every day of the year, even when it’s windy.

Protect Against Direct Sunlight and Heat

Sunlight isn’t exactly bad weather, but you won’t be able to stay outside for long if your patio is bathed in direct sunlight on a sweltering summer afternoon. Harsh, color-fading UV rays also wreak havoc on your patio furniture and even the patio decking itself.

The best way to keep your cool in sunny summer weather is to install an insulated patio cover. This includes insulated patio roof panels and wall panels for an extra layer of protection against the elements. You can even install a ceiling fan on your covered patio to create a cooling breeze that increases comfort all summer long.

Maclin Security Doors has everything you need to protect your patio from the elements. We have provided homeowners in the Mid-South with high-quality patio covers, screen rooms, and security doors since 1986. Our products are 100% American-made, with beautiful, custom features that will enhance the look and functionality of your home for years to come. Feel free to browse our image galleries or call us today at 901-377-2456 for a free quote.