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If you’re working from home in 2022, you have the chance to earn a living without commuting to the office. While this has many perks, it can also be problematic if you don’t have a dedicated workspace. If your temporary setup at the dining room table or kitchen counter simply doesn’t cut it anymore, you may be considering adding a home office. You have many options for doing so, but an insulated sunroom could be the best choice. Here’s why.

Separate Work from Home Life

Working from home presents unique distractions, such as noisy kids, disruptive TV shows, and people stopping by. That’s why having a separate workspace is so important. This allows you to close the door for an interruption-free workday. Then, you can leave the “office,” both physically and mentally, when you finish up in the evening.

Add a Sunroom for Less than a Traditional Home Office Addition

When it comes to creating a place to work from home, a sunroom may be the most affordable option. It costs less and takes less time to build than a traditional home office, saving you money on labor, supplies, and construction time. Even so, you aren’t compromising when you choose to build an insulated sunroom—more on that below.

Soak Up More Natural Light

One of the primary perks of working in a sunroom is the expansive glass walls, which let in plenty of sunlight. Exposure to natural light is known to improve sleep, release feel-good brain chemicals, and lower stress. All of these factors promote a more productive workday. For the best results, install tinted, UV-reflecting windows. Also, consider building your sunroom office on the north side of your home to prevent computer screen glare.

Take in the View

How often have you gotten stuck in the office on a beautiful day? Working in a sunroom gives you the impression of being outside without dealing with insects or the elements. You can even customize your sunroom to include screened windows, which you can open to feel a cool breeze or enjoy the smell of rain. You’ll never get that stir-crazy feeling of being cooped up indoors on a workday ever again!

Enjoy More Flexibility

Sunroom offices are very versatile. You can work on a computer, hold virtual or in-person meetings, and make phone calls without interruption. Then, when you’re not working, you can use the sunroom for added living space, such as a sitting area, home gym, or second dining room.

At Maclin Security Doors, we want to help you make the most of your insulated sunroom. Whether you use it as a home office or more of a relaxation and entertainment space, a custom sunroom installed by our knowledgeable team is sure to add functionality, beauty, and value to your Mid-South home. All products from Maclin Security Doors are 100% American-made, with custom features to meet your exact needs. Feel free to browse our sunroom image gallery or call us today at 901-377-2456 for a free quote.